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Matthew Steiner’s passion for making a difference in the addiction profession culminated in partnering in two successful recovery ventures. Revamping and revitalizing one facility, then transitioning it from sober living community, Matthew Co-Founded and spearheaded a substance abuse treatment center.

Matthew created a strong internet presence to help those seeking treatment or for families like himself who had loved ones needing help. Over 18 months, the program grew to 70 beds. Matthew understands the power of education, strategic alliances and partnership.

Matthew does not believe failure is an option when you are in the business of saving lives and his professional career displays this attitude developing and selling three companies and currently partnering as Chief of Marketing in two Baltimore, Maryland MAT Clinics.

I believe that opiate withdrawal medications save lives by reducing heroin or opiate drug overdoses. I also believe that in order for those addicted to truly break free, the next step in the process is plant medicine. Medicinal marijuana is promising and although illegal here in the US, Ibogaine is proving to be incredibly successful with healing those addicted to opiates. My personal preference is Ayahuasca because we are said to need a spiritual awakening and or complete psychic change in order to fully recover. My path over the past 4 years has proven this to be true. I am 100% focused on establishing 100 clinics by 2025. Biztip now has a family of 7 with new ideas being shared and new relationships established. MAT is now the “Gold Standard” for the addiction treatment industry. Over the last decade I have had the privilege of helping 100’s of 1000’s directly or indirectly through digital marketing efforts or past projects like Transformations Treatment Center 2007-11, Addiction Networks 2011-15 and Addicted Minds – The First Clinician Reviewed and Approved Network of Elite Treatment Providers 2015-18. Unfortunately, the way our system is set up, there is too much influence from Big Pharma and politicians that I also believe “100 clinics will just scratch the surface” – Matthew Steiner, CEO