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For our patients, we offer total assistance when you are trying to find a treatment program, we arrange an initial appointment and our services are designed to simplify the treatment process.

For addiction treatment programs we offer an effective marketing and promotional plan to get your clinic noticed, and throughout the state of Maryland, we provide admission support services for doctors, patients, and medication-assisted treatment clinics.

The Truth About the Opiate Epidemic


As of 2017, approximately 64,000 people died due to an opiate overdose, and this isn’t including statistics for 2018, which will probably show an even larger number of victims.

Our addiction treatment providers prescribe Suboxone, Subutex, and Vivitrol for our patients because it alleviates the pain and discomfort associated with opiate withdrawal. Our providers have received the necessary training to provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services to people with an addiction to opiates and our patients have a higher recovery rate than with other treatment options out there.

If you find yourself struggling with an addiction to opiates, you know deep down it could result in prison time, losing everyone you love and eventually it can and will kill you. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to get help and to do that, you can contact our program at: 410-777-8900.

According to Matthew Steiner, CEO of Biztip LLC, “It is vital that we as individuals take responsibility for our health and wellbeing. We must actively pursue the best treatment from doctors who specialize in addiction treatment.”

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How Does Our Program Help?


Using medication-assisted treatment with medications such as Vivitrol, suboxone or Subutex, provides an addict with everything needed to start the recovery process. MAT treatment helps reduce the effects of opiates, alleviates withdrawal symptoms and controls cravings, all of which are vital to letting someone become clean.

You may not believe it right now, but your drug addiction doesn’t define who you are, and it doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Everyone has their own problems and issues in life, drug addiction is more common than most people realize, and it can happen to anyone at any time.

Please realize you have worth, you are valuable, and you are loved, so don’t let opiate addiction continue to wreck your life. There is hope because with MAT treatment you don’t have to endure the discomfort of drug withdrawal, you can recover more quickly, and you can finally have the future you’ve been dreaming about.

You can reach out to our outpatient addiction treatment program at any time, we are there twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week- we never take holidays off. We offer same day appointments, we accept state Medicaid, Medicare, and other insurance plans and we will help you reclaim the productive, meaningful life that you want.

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Same Day Appointments May Be Available. Medicaid Accepted. Give Us a Call.

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